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Land Owners

of Filmore County, MN

Have a sinkhole or cave on your property?

If you have a cave entrance, sink hole, or spring  that you would like inspected the Minnesota Caving Club will visit the site for no charge to provide assistance in exploration and mapping.

Excavation and Exploration

This a bird’s eye view of an average sinkhole in S.E. Minnesota. Trees sprout up along the perimeters and farmers simply farm around them. This sinkhole is about 20’ deep.

sink hole.jpg

A different sinkhole that was excavated in Fillmore County. Almost all sinkholes are hiding caves underneath.


Once excavated, the cave can be explored.

Liability Concerns?

Have a cave and are worried about liability? The Minnesota Sportman’s Law covers cave exploration!



Bats are a common yet misunderstood mammal. Minnesota bats eat insects which can carry diseases such as West Nile.. More information about bats can be found at Bat Conservation International, a non profit group working to protect bats. Bats should never be disturbed when caving. This is even more important during hibernation. Many caves are off limits during winter months to protect hibernating bats (so they can continue to eat mosquitos the following summer).

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