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The Minnesota Caving Club, in association with the Minnesota Cave Preserve, is a non-profit organization sanctioned as an official grotto by the National Speleological Society. These entities are dedicated to the preservation, protection, study, and promotion of conscientious exploration and conservation of the caves of the Minnesota Cave Preserve, as well as other caves in SE MN.

Feel free to contribute to the Minnesota Caving Club.  Your donation is tax deductible, and every penny will be used for conservation projects!  

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Help us preserve and explore

Dr. Gina Mosely and Cave Preserve founder John Ackerman searching for stalagmites that contain long climate records in Spring Valley, MN.

To donate, please follow this link

You may also mail checks payable to the Minnesota Caving Club at

2525 W Highway 13
Burnsville, MN 55337
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