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Medical conditions

Please answer the following questions:
Severe Allergies
Are you sure? Many people say no, then turn out to be claustraphobic
Afraid of Heights
Anxiety / Panic Attacks
Heart Conditions
Additional information:
Please list any other conditions that we should know about and be prepared for.

Keep in mind that caving often involves being in places completely inaccessible to emergency personnel.

Activities & Skills

If you have no experience or interest in an activity or skill, feel free to leave it unchecked
Equipment you own
Sinkhole Excavation
Cave Photography
Cave Exploring
Cave Restoation
Wetsuit Caving
Dig Projects
Scientific Studies
Cave Surveying
Trip Leading

Agreements & Bylaws

  1. I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the bylaws of the Minnesota Caving Club.

  2. I understand that to hold office that I must be an NSS member.

  3. If I reside in the state of MN and am an NSS member, I have listed, or will list, the Minnesota Caving Club as my primary grotto.

  4. I understand that the board members are the decision-making body, but that any decision made by the Board can be overruled by a majority vote of the club members.

  5. I will come prepared for caving activities / trips. Failure to do so will result in my inability to participate.

  6. I will abide by the NSS Conservation Policy, which holds that (caving parties will) “provide for a means of removal of waste, limit marking to a few small, removable signs as needed for surveys, and especially, exercise extreme care not to accidentally break soil formations.”

  7. If I lead any caving trips, I understand that I must submit a trip report within two weeks. Failure to do so will result in suspension of club benefits, including eligibility to participate in any other caving trips.

  8. As a member of the Minnesota Caving Club, I pledge to support the preservation, protection, study, conscientious exploration and conservation of the caves of the Minnesota Cave Preserve, as well as other caves in Southeast Minnesota.

Thanks! We've received your submission and will reach out back to you as soon as we can.

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