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Ancient Caves

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Ancient Caves is a triumph for the format, delivering both truly rare visual wonders and the kind of deliberate, substantive scientific education that hasn’t always made it through the cute-penguin montages…of past dome films.” - The Tangential

  • Official Selection – 2020 Academia Film Olomouc

  • Official Selection – 2020 National Museum of Natural Science Film Expo, Taiwan

  • Intrepid Award – 2020 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

This is an incredible science adventure film, and a story of exploration. The film begins in John Ackerman’s Spring Valley Caverns, and includes the amazing scientific findings which are being discovered there. The underwater sequences are being shot in the most beautiful and dangerous caves in the world.

The trailer is in 4:3 aspect ratio as this is an OMNIMAX format dome original, and will obviously look a little distorted and strangely composed on a small flat screen. ANCIENT CAVES is the first giant screen film to be produced exclusively for the OMNIMAX theaters in over 30 years.

The World Premiere of this astounding film took place at the St. Paul Science Museum’s Omnitheater in March 6, 2020.

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