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Minnesota Caving Club

Dedicated to the advancement of science, education, exploration, and conservation.

About the club

The Minnesota Caving Club, in association with the Minnesota Cave Preserve, is a non-profit organization sanctioned as an official grotto by the National Speleological Society.


These entities are dedicated to the preservation, protection, study, and promotion of conscientious exploration and conservation of the caves of the Minnesota Cave Preserve, as well as other caves in SE MN.

About the preserve

John Ackerman established the Minnesota Cave Preserve in 1989 to preserve, study, protect and to promote conscientious exploration and conservation of our unique underground wilderness.

From the beginning, John recognized the need to protect the fragile and timeless environment, both above and underground. Conservation has always been a prime tenet of the Minnesota Cave Preserve.

For more info, view the preserve site here

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The Caves

Feel free to contribute to the Minnesota Caving Club. Your donation is tax deductible, and every penny will be used for conservation projects! The Minnesota Cave Preserve owns eight preserves in S.E. Minnesota and Northern Iowa, which provides access to 36 miles of cave passages.


The properties encompass 45 caves, 724.4 surface acres and 1,300.33 acres of additional subterranean cave rights.

Cold Water Cave.JPG

Cold Water Cave

Goliath's Cave.JPG

Goliath's Cave

Tyson Spring Cave.JPG

Tyson Spring Cave

Bat R. Cave.JPG

Bat River Cave

Holy Grail.jpg

Holy Grail Cave

Fountain Spring Cave.JPG

Fountain Spring Cave

Hiawatha Caverns.jpg

Hiawatha Cave

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